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I Die For You Today

I Die For You Today

Come in close to me and bring me joy
Lift me higher, much higher and higher than light allows
I wanted to be everything, everything for you
Oh I wanted you, I needed you, I thought that you did too
You built me beauty then took it all away
And I can’t face another day
I die for you today …

Tempt me, sweet tempest and shower me with stars
I want to be as beautiful as you
Take me me to the summit and show me
Show me all that I could ever have
You brought me everything I ever thought I wanted
And now you take it all away
You gave me love and then you killed me blindly
I think I die for you today, I can’t persue another way
I die for you today …

Like a garden growin’ in flames
A forest filled with fear of the wind
Like the moon so beautiful from afar
But shattered on the surface, full of scars
A sea with no more fish, planets without air
Whales with no more song,
I know I’m gonna die with them today
I die for you today …

Lyrics: Gold, The Outsider

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