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Love Will Find a Way

Love Will Find A Way

Oh my sweet little darling how fair you look tonight
The world is drifting gently through starry winterlight
And all the love I have is here for you to show
It shall be your companion where ever you may go...

And you look so small - compared to it all

The nights are drawing in now, snow's heavy on the ground
The candles burning brightly and outside there's no sound
We wish for things we've wanted but not for things we need
These times are full of wonder, come x-mas, come! Godspeed...

An old man in the park is pulling on his sleigh
He's smiling as he looks up into the winter's day
The sunlight's shining brightly, a promise in the air
The churchbells call the people, there's singing everywhere

And the snow reflects - the dawning of a newborn star

Will we see the star this Christmas, will it guide us on our way
I will promise you, I will promise you that our love will find a way...

lyrics: Lister/Gold (2007)

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