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The Lonely Boys

Bio: Nachdem Frank Sorgatz alias Frank Mertens Ende 1985 bei Alphaville ausstieg, gründete er 1986 in Münster gemeinsam mit Freundin Martina Richter alias Matine Lille (Gesang) und Felix Schulte alias Felix Lille (Gitarre) das Projekt 'The Lonely Boys'. Aus diesem Projekt entsprang 1986 lediglich eine Maxi-Single mit zwei Songs: 'Hold Me' und 'Lonely Boy'. Die Platte floppte total, in Alphaville Fankreisen fand sie jedoch grosse Anerkennung. 1987 war es dann auch schon vorbei mit dieser Band.


The Lonely Boys

Frank Mertens (geb. 16.10.1961 in Enger, Piano-Schule, 1983-1985 bei Alphaville, VWL-Studium, 1991 Umzug nach Paris, lebt heute in Köln)

Matine Lille (Gesang)

Felix Lille (Gitarre), Felix stieg noch 1986 aus, dafür kam Helmut Schulte (Keyboard)


7" WEA 248 810-7 N
  1. Hold Me (3.59)
  2. Lonely Boy (3.23)
Cover Hold Me 12"
12" WEA 248 809-0 D
  1. Hold Me - Extended Remix (6.33)
  2. Hold Me (3.59)
  3. Lonely Boy (3.23)


Hold e

Are you already awake
Already prepared to face the day
Your eyes only see that the power of habits
is part of your life
Your own life

Do you remember the time
the secret time of beauty and dream
Not a breath was spent on the sweat of the duty
the everydaylife
the darkness

Please turn and hold me tightly
hold me tightöy
here where love is
please turn and touch me slightly
touch me slightly
turn your face

Are you forever in fear
Forever scared to touch the fire
And now when you stop
it is not as the last time
Lost future

What is it you want
is it sorrow or happiness
And now with your eyes that enter the future
You should recognize
Your own strength

Are you already asleep
Come creep very close to my cold skin
Touch me again as you tick in the silence
And settle in sleep
Calm down now

Lonely Boy

I wish all things to change to make more sense
So that they fit this very day
There is so much disordered in this world
Far far away from great happiness

So many sorry people do I find
They have no music no swing
We should find a way to make them smile
And make them think that their hopes come true

Lonely Boy
open eyes can realize
hurry up
there’s a way to paradise

Delight will be the main thing love will live
And people will be glad again
Look at this silent age no war no fear
No dead no terror and loss of nerve