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Voices In The Dark - Vol.2

Frontcover (400x400)

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Voices In The Dark - Vol.2
CD / 1998 / Synthphony Records SYN 009
  1. No Decay "Take Your Pride"
  2. Rational Youth "Coboloid Race 98" (Exclusive Remix)
  3. Novelty "Coming Over 2000" (Exclusive Remix)
  4. The Twins "Touch Of Heaven" (Previously unreleased remix)
  5. La Vogue "New Revolution"
  6. Shades of Grey "The Future's Over (Wait & See)"
  7. Marian Gold "Danger In Your Paradise"
  8. Reclaim "Night On The Sea" (Exclusive track)
  9. Sequential " Hide And Seek"
  10. Strange Facts "Autumn Leaves"
  11. D.k. "Candid" (Previously unreleased song)
  12. Neuropa "Heavens' Descent" (Previously unreleased song)
  13. TV Noise "Forever"
  14. Kliche "Blind" (Fingered Remix)
  15. Atonall "Happy"
  16. Leave in Silence "Heavens of Sins"
Enthält Marian Gold - Danger in Your Paradise