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Shadow Dancing: 2nd Movement

Frontcover (400x400)

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Shadow Dancing: 2nd Movement

Shadow Dancing - 2nd Movement
3CD / 08. Mai 2001 / ADD

CD ONE: 1. New Concept "Daydream" 2. Tycho Brahe "Total Kaos (Remix)" 3. Moulin Noir "I Can't Sleep, Frantically" 4. Sweep "Agoraphobia" 5. Silent Promises "Sing Me Asleep" 6. Sadovaja "Kiss Your Darling" 7. Leiahdorus "Wake" 8. Dimbodius "Not to Be Here" 9. Tabloid "Ordinary Day" 10. Self Delusion "Too Late" 11. Former Station "Flooding the Sea" 12. Intervox "Cut Like Knives"

CD TWO: 1. Merge "Lost In Eternity" 2. Michigan "So Astray" 3. Wave In Head "I Began to Hope" 4. Klockwork "Friendly Kisses" 5. Atlantic Popes "World" 6. Delphia "To Love You" 7. Seven Words "18 Seconds" 8. Neverwood "Hades" 9. Empire State Human "Night Flight" 10. Gebrauche-Musik "Reconnect" 11. Spectre-X "Because of You" 12. Erra "Destiny Planet Erra (Human Body)"

CD THREE: 1. Viva Voce "Free (The Echoing Green Mix)" 2. Cut and Run "Mattered" 3. The Krop Sirlces "Shout" 4. Estatuas de Sol "Antitesis (Remix)" 5. Color Theory "Ponytail Girl" 6. Paris By Air "Mercy (Desperation Mix)" 7. Exhibition "When I'm Old (12-inch)" 8. Sub/Zero "Illusion" 9. Psyche "Sanctuary" 10. F.P. "Todliche Gedanken" 11. Carpe Diem "Them" 12. Drawback "Undone"

Ein Sampler von der Synthie-Fabrik A DIFFERENT DRUM. Enthalten ist u.a. 'World' von Bernd Lloyds Projekt ATLANTIC POPES. Weiterhin dürften Alphaville-Fans DELPHIA vom Tribute-Album kennen. Dort coverten sie 'Inside Out'. Link: