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Merry Christmas 2014

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Dear Friends of Alphaville,

I am sitting here with a glass of good wine in the light of a vast, solid candle thinking about the year that is going to end within a few days.

There were dark days, indeed. We lost our dear friend and keyboarder Martin Lister.
Your thoughts and words brought back a gleam of light.

A few months later we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Alphaville in Paris and shared bright, unforgettable moments with you.
Welcome Carsten Brocker to Alphaville!

Well, you know, lights may change from dark to bright and back, but here we are, carrying the flame.

May you all have a wonderful and most brilliant Christmas Season and may you end this year peacefully and happily where ever you are.

Be embraced!
Marian Gold, Band & Crew