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    SFNO:7th weeks in the euro top 100 :58-61-62-44-51-57-76
    and once more at the second place at the German electro web charts

    01 In Strict Confidence - Set Me Free
    Minuswelt | New | 01 Weeks | Electro
    02 Alphaville - Song For No One
    Universal | LW 04 | 04 Weeks | Synthiepop
    03 Deine Lakaien - One Night
    Ministry of Sound | LW 01 | 07 Weeks | Electro, Dark Wave
    04 Tyske Ludder - Der androgyne Held
    Black Rain | LW 02 | 02 Weeks | EBM
    05 X-Fusion - Stroke By Stroke
    Scanner | LW 03 | 03 Weeks | EBM/Industrial
    06 OMD - History Of Modern (Part I)
    Bluenoise | LW 05 | 03 Weeks | Electropop
    07 KMFDM - Krank
    Dependent | LW 07 | 05 Weeks | Industrial, Electro
    08 Dismantled - Kill Or Be Killed
    Dependent | LW 08 | 07 Weeks | EBM/Industrial
    09 Combichrist - Throat Full Of Glass
    Out Of Line | LW 09 | 05 Weeks | Electro, EBM
    10 Camping im Keller - Melancholie
    dbm records | LW 10 | 06 Weeks | EBM
    11 Mirrors - Into The Heart
    Skint | LW 06 | 03 Weeks | Synthiepop
    12 Blind Passanger - Fukushima Slot Machine
    Wannsee Records | New | 01 Weeks | Elektropop
    13 Armageddon Dildos - Gottland
    Alfa Matrix | LW 14 | 07 Weeks | Electro
    14 Torul - Try
    Infacted Recordings | New | 01 Weeks | Synthiepop
    15 Fractured - Anaesthetic
    Dependent | LW 11 | 02 Weeks | Industrial, Electro

    this week
    I die for you today= DAC CHARTS 18 weeks= 18-13-4-5-5-7-9-6-6-8-7-7-6-5-9-9-6-9
    Sfno german electro webcharts:3-2-4

    the album was on place 36 from the euro top 50 album at december 10

    So let compare the two official single sales charts:
    -------------------------------last week----today
    german top single 50KW(10)-69(KW11)-89(KW12)-////////(KW13)
    ------------F4w-----F3w----for 2W---last week---today
    euro top 100 :58(KW11)-61(KW12)-62(KW13)-44(KW14)-51(KW15)

    Something say me that media control doesn\'t put the single in is rules to give the german charts
    in deduction the official charts in germany for SFNO would be:
    50(KW)-53-54-32(this week)-39(next week)

    no SFNO at the new german top,i think it does mean that the sales counting from the single are not take in consideration for the official charts.
    in the GEWC(german electro web charts)the song was at place 3 last week and is at place 2 this week.

    You just have to see the video concert on you tube to see that the Crog tour was an absolutely must see live act!ENERGY-GOOD MOODS-GOOD MUSIC
    I hope that they will coming to play in France this year,last time i \'ve seen AV live was at Freiburg/Brisbau in 2003(when i\'m not wrong) It was very great live act.


    Original von Sannie:
    Kein Wunder, wenn mindestens die Hälfte der Republik den Song noch nie hören konnte...

    maybe but i think that is an strategical error to sell the SFNO single for more then 6 euros with the same version as of the album.
    A Two tracks version with the video mix added with an unreleased bside and for a lower price would have more impact on the peoples.

    Best cover i have heard from BIG IN JAPAN

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