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  • Also mich würde mal der Titel Kalte Asche interessieren ^^. Wenn er es nicht aufs Album drauf macht vielleicht kann er es ja so mal reinstellen ^^ es reicht ja der Text ;). Aber deutsche titel sind ja doch bei AV eine rarität ^^.

    Have A Little Mercy
    [f1]Mirror on the wall..[/f1][table=#31383c,100%,0,left]


    [td=#31383c,50%,left][f1]Tell another story with happy ending
    Tell me not to worry Keep on pretending[/f1][/td][td=#31383c,50%,left][f1]Tell me there`s a sky outside the window
    Tell me there is light behind the door[/f1][/td]



  • was gibts neues????????????
    man hört nix mehr vom stand der produktion.
    auch keine neuen(anderen)songs in der klangwelt.
    man könnte ja mal wieder songs die es nicht aufs album schaffen dort reinstellen.
    es ist sehr ruhig in letzter zeit um dieses thema und es bleibt immer noch die frage, ungewissheit, wird es 2008 noch ein (das) neue album in den händen zuhalten geben oder sind es doch eher arbeiten für jubiläums-vö°s.WEn alles so perfekt und super gut läuft muss man das doch absehen können.


    \"...wir befinden uns seit heute in einer weiteren Produktionssession in London in Dave\'s Studio (Gitarrenoverdubs und Gesang). Mitte November dürfte das Album für den Mix fertig sein. Der endgültige Mix wird allerdings erst dann erstellt, wenn die Verhandlungen mit den Plattfirmen abgeschlossen sind. MG\"

    Quelle: Moonbase http://www.alphaville.de

  • viel mehr als auf das neue album freue ich mich auf die tour dazu, life ist viel besser und wenn das publikum mitgeht, dann kann man das leuchten in marians augen sehen, welches nicht zu rick´s lichtshow gehört.
    bin trotzdem in freudiger erwartung auf die neuen songs

  • erst mal: WELCOME BACK JENNY :sonne: :sonne: :sonne:

    also ich persönlich freu mich wirklich auch sehr auf das neue Album..live kann ich zwar auch nicht genung kriegen, aber mal wieder ne AV Scheibe in den Händen ist auch was tolles. Zumal man ja sich bei AV offensichtlich weiterhin um eine Plattenfirma bemüht...

    :i_respekt: :i_respekt:

  • endlich ist mal wieder ein neues Album von Alphaville erhältlich: Im I-Tunes-Shop gibt es jetzt das Album mit dem Titel \"Despues de la Derrota\" zu kaufen.
    Kann man sich dran gewöhnen, Hauptsache mal was neues!

  • was ist nun los seit ewigkeiten ist hier ja nix los ins neue jahr sind wir ja nun alle gekommen. und nun ist ruhe.? ist das die ruhe vor dem sturm??
    hoffe ja das es bald mal eine erste aktuelle news gibt im neuen jahr.
    ich seh schon es geht frischfröhlich weiter wie im letzten jahr.

  • auf alphaville.de gibt`s paar neue statements von marian aus der mailingliste zum neuen album:

    February 27, 2009, Sylt, Germany


    I am wondering what Alphaville is doing and if they are doing well? Hey, Marian, we haven\'t heard all that much from you recently! I hope that\'s a good sign...you guys being really busy in the studio so we can enjoy a new album soon...? I am impatiently waiting for an update on how everything\'s proceeding.


    Yes, we\'re doin\' well and all the pieces seem to come together finally but not too late :) Actually, I think this is going to be a really great production. There were lots of things we\'ve always wanted to do and most of those suggestions now live in the songs and add amazing colours to the music. When our last album \"CrazyShow\" was a vast collection of raw ideas, a kind of screenshot into a musician\'s mind, \"Giant\" will be a complete and totally accomplished production, a take-it-or-leave-it thing, so to speak. And, yes, the title of the the album is still the one you all know so well but, who knows...

    I reckon there will be a few snippets of the music at our website soon. How much this will tell you of the new album I don\'t know but I hope it\'ll be enough to enliven your curiosity. Besides I expect that we manage to keep the bigger part of Giant in secret until its release although we all know this is a difficult task these days. In March I will spent some time again at Martin\'s studio in London with the emphasis on keyboard-arrangements, instrumental solos and backing vocals. There will be lots of bv\'s this time and generally \"Giant\" will be far more complex concerning vocals then the last couple of albums.


    Btw, there have been several other projects in the pipeline over the last years that we haven\'t heard of again. I am wondering what has happened to the Opera with Marian singing/playing the envoy...(has there been a performance? Is there a recording?)


    Yes, the title was \"L\'Invenzione Degli Angeli\", if I remember it right. Klaus Schulze, who wrote all the the music for the opera, finished the mixes about three years ago. Sounded damn great to me. But there seems to be no interest from the side of the record company in releasing the stuff. Still I doubt the last word has been spoken on this project.


    How are things for the Alice in Wonderland musical?


    This is a kind of sad story because I invested a lot of enthusiasm into that project and it was already announced in the bill of fare of the Theatre Würzburg for 2006 (or \'07?). Unfortunately it was cancelled in the very last moment due to budget restrictions. Since then Alice sleeps in some desk drawer at Lunapark waiting to be resurrected from the dark. There\'s a tiny chance she will be revived by a co-production of two theatres from two different cities in Germany but that\'s very vague. Money\'s short these days and theatres tend to invest in approved productions to keep the risk as small as possible.


    What has happened to/is happening with Sputnik Roadhouse...


    I had a talk with Klaus Schulze, the other half of SR, just the other day and all I can tell you is that something definitely IS happening :-). Will keep you updated.


    Are there any news on the Alphaville-book. I would be very happy to hear how all those planets in the AV-universe are doing!


    I wished I\'d never spoken about \"The Book\". Well, here\'s what I did so far: collected a huge amount of interviews, unreleased photos, drawings, short stories, poems and diary snippets, hoping to create something like a written and illustrated version of \"Dreamsapes\". Then put everything in a big box with a sticker on it saying \"An Orbit Full Of Questions\" and forgot about the whole thing. Simply haven\'t found the time to date to work on this idea. - Frankly, I never considered it important enough to give it any priority on my time schedule.

    And that\'s all for now from my side. Oh, I nearly forgot! There will definetely be an Anniversary-concert/party by the end of this year, presumably late November-mid December. We\'re working on that and will let you know in time the exact date.

    Greetings from the island to you, dear Jan, to the rest of the list-pack and to everybody out there. We love you all very much.

    Marian Gold

    [Blockierte Grafik: http://www.alphaville.de/admin/files/images/1_newsDummy_CROG.jpg]

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